Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Create - a - Thing Day 1

Well, I've been inspired by Meredith Beck and I'm going to try this out too: to create one thing a day. It's probably going to be mostly written stuff because my drawing is crap. But we'll see.

My first creation is a poem I wrote. I took all the words from an Aquafina water bottle and turned them into a poem:

Every serving is a choice
Based on bottled information
Reverse osmosis
Not made easy

Pure and perfect substances
Removes taste.
The process is all the same:
“Aquafina, purification,
Aquafina, total consistently perfect.”

State-of-the-art water,
Calorie Free
Taste free.

Questions are a smart choice
Because Independent authority of Pepsico leave you
In your fat daily values and purchase water

Aquafina’s Waters are free of protein, calories, carb, calorie, sodium, calories, taste
And facts.

Comments are cool in a serving per bottle
And smart choices for more time.
A sodium visit
Only thing in place is our total system
Or container size
Please recycle, for purified visit,
Bottled visit under most other servings per every purification store.

So, drinking water,
Pure water,
Per Nutrition serving,
Per purification system,
For diet by percent water amount.

The bottlers, Inc.
Call comments about Aquafina
Bottled sodium,calories