Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Discoveries

// Favorite Video - ...... my feelings exactly.

The Dark Secret Behind Quirky Romantic Comedies -- powered by

// Favorite Time-Lapse -

// Favorite Fake Title Sequence -

// Favorite Batman - The one in Toronto

// Favorite Onion Desk Calendar Page This Week -

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

when downsizing is upgrading

This is actually happening.

For the last couple months, Beth and I have been brainstorming and looking for houses in Atlanta that are closer to work. While we have no problem with where we are living now, we have been very interested in finding somewhere closer in town -- just somewhere with more of the perks of living in a city.

While we were in no rush, we think we may have found the perfect place:

Of all the houses we looked at, not only was this one the most move-in ready, it was also the cheapest.

It's been completely remodeled.

It's got a great backyard (plenty of room for an underground trampoline!).

It's a mile from work.

It's just a couple miles from some great farmers markets and tons of International stores and restaurants (a couple Russian places here and there!).

It's right beside I-85 and I-285.

It's right by a Marta bus stop, and a couple miles from the Doraville rail station.

It's perfect. At least for Beth and Liam and I.

It's definitely smaller than where we're at right now (half the size of our current place). But we couldn't be more excited. We're hoping to get involved in the surrounding international community, and just be more all-around intentional when it comes to where we live and why. We feel like it fits both -- it's close to work, but also close to so much we can really get involved in things in our area.

And we're closing on it TODAY.

We're overwhelmed, but excited. I'll keep you posted as to the details and all the exciting changes.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Discoveries

Favorite Music Video -

// Favorite Auto-Tune -

// Favorite Song - The first single from Jack White's upcoming album, Blunderbuss -

// Favorite "How It Should Have Ended" -

// Favorite Prank -

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I know you probably already saw this during the weekend, but here's an incredible performance from Bon Iver on SNL.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Discoveries

// Favorite Music Video -

// Werner Herzog Has Done It All - "Man, relax."

// Favorite Crazy Person -

// Favorite Rare Moment - It's about a minute and thirty seconds in, but totally worth the watch. And the song is fun too.

// Favorite Auto-Tune -

// Favorite Cover - Try not to laugh!

// Favorite Website - "If This, Then That."

// Favorite Song - A new Sleigh Bells track, "Comeback Kid."

// Favorite Onion Desk Calendar Page This Week -