Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Make Haste Two

I like this one a lot--when I'm not cynical about everything.. This one is back from my junior or senior year in high school. It's a series of poems that are more structured than anything I've ever done.

Make haste, make haste, this fiery wind

Because the storms and tempest toss,

Where death prevails and life grows thin,

And little hope is all but lost.

From forceful gales, I’m thrown aside,

Like some pawn in a deadly game,

The bolts of rain, they pierce my eyes,

Is this the end for this faceless name?

I pull the cords to no avail

They seem to tie the noose more tight

Around my neck, but breath prevails

And leads me on this bitter plight.

I choke and curse this beaten ship

And curse the seas that brought me here

For black and void is all the trip

And grief regardless where I steer.

On knees I fall amidst the pain,

And pray to God who hears me speak

I pray my life is not in vain

I am in need for I am weak.

I turn my eyes to face the sea

And see a Man upon the waves

Is it He who comes, just for me?

And for my life, through Him be saved?

At first I doubt, it not be true,

No man—or God—would die for me.

There’s not a thing that I could do

Where can I go if I can’t see?

He climbs aboard this battered ship

And His scars reveal the truth

“Oh My child, you’re worth the trip

See these scars? Yes, that’s the proof.

“I love you more than My own life,

And there’s nothing I’d not do,

I’d bear all the torment and the strife,

For all time, just to be with you.

And in those times You cursed Me,

I held you deep inside my arms

And though there’s pain that you will see,

I tried to keep you safe from harm.”

And with a shout, He cried “Be still!”

And calmed the waves upon the sea.

And though that was, and is, His will

Was what He spoke meant just for me?