Monday, December 11, 2006

Is There A Product Like This?

Here at Random Parts, Unlimited, we're happy to offer the brand new AXEcommunication.

Have you renounced your faith in Christ or are just "in the valley?"
Have you been spotted at various heathen areas, and need to remove any sort of identification on your car?

Or, are you just sick and tired of your car being responsible for Christianity and the faith as a whole because of some dumb decal?

Now, thanks to the AXEcommunication, we can easily remove any unsightly fish, dove, or cross label stuck to the backside of your Ford Taurus. Maybe it was there before you owned the car, or maybe in a fervor of spiritual excitement you decided to mark your religious territory on places other than your heart. Either way, now you can rest easier in your horseless carriage knowing that you are no longer responsible for other people basing their views of Christianity on whether you have a hemi or not. And just think, you can now freely express your distaste of the car in front of you when they decide to cut you off. Shout obscenities! Flip them off! They'll never know that you have a personal responsibility to show love to everyone that you meet--or interact with on the highway. You're free and clear--your car won't be any more or less Christian without it--and neither will you!

It's the AXEcommunication, something I wish someone would invent.