Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Week of Campus Preview.

Campus Preview. I like to compare Campus Preview to the time when your parents tell you to clean up the house and your room because guests will be over. Everything is cleaned and dusted and swept, but after the guests leave things go back to normal--everything just gets messy again. It's kind of this dishonest representation of school, but we do things like that all the time. Make-up or better grooming skills to impress a person we might be interested in. Driving the speed limit around police officers. Writing on blogs like these in attempts to sound important. We always want to appear like we know what we are doing, that we're somehow better than we really are. I guess that's okay.

That's completely not what I want to talk about though. This week has to be the busiest and craziest week I've ever had during college. From a week ago Sunday my regular schedule began at 8 in the morning and did not let up until around midnight or two in the morning. Sunday, it was working from 6-12, then filming a video for campus preview from 3-5, then editing it from 5-nearly midnight.

Monday I had classes at 8, 11, 1, then I worked at Harris until 5, then worked at WRAF until 12, but worked on the campus preview video until around two.

The days lasted and lasted, and I couldn't be happier that things are over with. I helped out with multiple videos, and didn't mind it at all, but it was so overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who helped me relax whenever possible.

This week I'm going to try my hardest to relax a little more.