Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Old Editorial of Mine, Part One

It's a little updated, but yeah.

It always cracks me up when I see the new healthy options at fast food restaurants. The salads are not so bad, but it is all of those low-carb items or the ability to replace fries or a drink with a healthier component that gets me. What is so laughable about the low-carbohydrate meals is that there is nothing incredible or novel about it. For the most part it is simply a couple of leaves of lettuce replacing the bun on a sandwich. Drive by the actual posters boasting pictures of these innovative burgers at the various restaurants and try not to point and laugh. You will find that it is not possible.
The biggest problem I have with all of this is that if I were actually looking for a healthy place to eat for me or my children (if I had any) I would avoid fast food restaurants in the same sense that I would avoid a doughnut shop if I was trying to go to a place to exercise. In fact, not only would I avoid a fast food joint, I would flee from it. Restaurants, especially those that have you in and out in thirty seconds, are not in existence for our health. It is there for our convenience. Giving healthy choices and eliminating the larger sizes are nothing but a waste of time. Remember Wendy's recent attempt at offering fruit bowls? Well, neither does anybody else; they were on and off the menu faster than you could eat a banana. People asked for it, and when it was available didn't buy it. So Wendy's stopped selling it. People will continue to eat the unhealthy items regardless of what else is offered. We are not going to the restaurant anticipating our meal to help our diet plan. In fact, I have grown quite fond of feeling my arteries clog as I eat.
In all actuality, the restaurants are only looking out for themselves in the process. They do not hold it past the handful of morons that will sue those restaurants for making them fat (which makes just about as much sense as suing the sun for giving you sunburn).
I am sure you have noticed those handfuls already making a dent in the justice system by suing fast food joints for various banal reasons. It is not surprising that the likes of McDonald’s has already started to make healthy items, because of lawsuits and the recent documentary, Super Size Me.
What I do not understand is why McDonald’s is getting so defensive about it. They should boast about being an unhealthy restaurant. People go knowing full well that the restaurant is not only going to in no way going to solve their health needs, but in fact make it all the more worse. Kids go there for the fries, not the ability to swap it out with an apple. It is those lawsuits and health nuts that are putting a tarnish on a perfectly good unhealthy restaurant.

That being said, I like the fact that healthier options at restaurants are offered; it just seems that we shouldn't be demanding it. Were at a FAST FOOD crappo restaurant.