Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Week Observed

These past weeks have been some of the craziest of my life.

I can't believe it's almost finished and I'm probably going to graduate. Believe me, I've had my doubts. I doubted a whole lot.

This past Friday I had my orals for the School of Communication. I passed everything, except, ironically, the Mass Comm. part. Luckily, it's just three or four questions that I have to retake this Wednesday.

The same Friday I had a pretty hefty paper due for History of Theology.

And recently I've been feeling pretty sick. It seems this past week more times than not i've been taking some sort of medicine to combat this intense headache and neck ache. (I wonder why we can combine "head" and "ache" to create one word, but not "neck" and "ache")

I hate these posts where they're pretty much just comprised of complaints. Here's an old editorial I wrote a long time ago. Many of you probably know, that I do in fact own a cell phone now.

“Okay, so, who doesn’t own a cellphone?”

I would reluctantly have to raise my hand. It is true that I am one of the few still not in the droves of used airwaves and low signals. In the past I was fine with that. When cell phones became first introduced I laughed it away like other unnecessary commodities of living—much like automatic toilet flushers, peanut butter and jelly in the same jar, microwavable dinners, candle snuffers, instant coffee (which never really is that fast), and so on. I reduced cellular phones to nothing more than a fad and never thought I would ever think of needing one.

Now, of course, while working not only here in Toccoa but at a restaurant an hour away, and having school here at TFC, there are so many times where I need a phone, but have to go home or to work simply to use one. There is nothing more annoying than having to drive home to simply use the phone and nothing more.

For now, while I lack a cell phone, I have reverted to answering my wallet. If a phone rings nearby, or everyone around me is chatting on a phone, I pull out my wallet and “answer” it—in order to feel special, like one of the gang.

Yes, I am that pathetic.

Despite needing a cell phone, I still have my reservations. Although I did not see the movie, and neither did many of America, the movie Cellular has gotten me rethinking my needs for a cellular phone. What if, by some odd chance, I get a call from a lady who is about to be killed? I already have enough stress with school and work and life.

A much smaller problem I would have with it is the fact of just figuring the thing out. I have little knowledge of the actual methods of using a cell phone, and I am pretty illiterate when I try to borrow a friend’s phone. I even remember a similar circumstance where a friend rushed up to me to show off his new phone. It was one of those phones with a keyboard and one that plays all of those cool games and so on. He went on and on about all of the features. I finally get around to asking him how the phone works, and his simple response is, “Oh, uh, I don’t know.”

Another problem I would have is with the ringtones. There are so many different sound and songs that you can hear, telling you to answer the phone, but sometimes I fear that I would have difficulty answering, given the song that may be playing. If I had my ringtone to any song by Switchfoot, I fear that I would rather listen to the song than actually answer the phone. I would be too awed by the music, that any desire to see who was calling would escape me.

I guess all in all it is a very good idea to have a cellular phone handy in case of emergencies. I just have to get past all of my weakness to admit that I am more materialistic that I would like and need one.

Where am I going with this article? Ladies, please stop calling my wallet.