Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Discoveries

// Favorite Band - Although this release is a few weeks old, Panda Bear's album Tomboy has been on repeat all this week. Check out one of my favorite tracks, "Slow Motion:"

// Favorite Song - Bon Iver's new single "Calgary." His next album is out June 21st, and I can't wait.

// Favorite Video - This insanely cool marriage proposal that you've probably already seen. Stuff like this makes me feel like I've let my wife down.

// Favorite Restaurant - This one's in Decatur (where most of my favorite restaurants exist), and it's called Farm Burger. The food is incredible-- they have some of the best sweet potato fries and onion rings. And they have Abita Root Beer on tap!

// Documentary I Really Want to See - Werner Herzog's new film Cave of Forgotten Dreams.