Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Discoveries

**Okay, so I guess I'm making this an every Friday thing. We'll see how it goes.**

// Favorite Band - I've been a fan for a few years so this isn't really a discovery, but the new Fleet Foxes album is really great. It was the AmazonMP3 Daily Deal, but now it's back to the normal price. You can get it here. Here's a sampling:

// Favorite Song - Thanks to my friend Mark for showing me this one. It's the National and their song from the new Portal 2 game. It's called "Exile Vilify" and it's fantastic.

// Favorite Video - The new digital short from SNL had me cracking up. It's off the Lonely Island's new album Turtleneck and Chain. So far I'm loving the album and think it's a slight step up from their previous.

// Something I Want to Build - The Most Useless Machine Ever

// Favorite Photos - 25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments That Look Like They're From the Future

// Restaurant Find - Beth and I (along with our friend Michael) found a Russian restaurant called Lana's Express. For many reasons we were nervous and our expectations were low, but it turned out to be really great.