Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy News!

Things have been more than hectic around here--I've been meaning to post a note about it for the past few weeks now.  Beth and I have been given the opportunity to work in Moscow for the next two years.  We're both very excited (and a little stressed) for the opportunity.  We didn't expect it to come quite so soon, but have been wanting to for some time now.

On January 26th we will travel to Richmond, VA to train for 2 months (language, etc.) and we should be in Moscow by April 9th or 10th.

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That being said, we hope to see you before we head out--Beth and I have been running ragged since the end of Christmas (we did not know for sure until December), so we've barely had time to do anything.  We both quit our jobs last week (her on Tuesday, me on Friday).  That was particularly difficult for both of us.  Beth and I loved our jobs and the people we worked with.

Since quitting we've been packing, moving things, figuring out where things are going to stay for the next two years, trying to sell a car (but fixing it first), and so on.  It's been a whirlwind, but everything is working out.

As excited as we are, Beth and I get attached to the people around us.  That was by far the toughest part of of leaving for Russia.  Please stay in touch-- Facebook is always great, as well as our e-mail addresses:

Our Skype name is:  timandbethrhodes

And if you've always wanted to trek to Mother Russia-- COME VISIT! :-)