Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5 Ways to Remember to Vote For Me!

First of all, thanks guys for voting for me.  It's really meant great deal.  
The contest is a six-month long "savings journey," so you've got until April.  And the cool thing is you can vote at least once a day, but usually a few times.  It's really hard for even me to remember to vote sometimes (it's not a lack of a desire to win or anything, I am just really forgetful sometimes).  So I decided to devise a few ways to help you (as well as me) remember to vote every day!
  1. Make the PYF Challenge your homepage!  I know this is somewhat unlikely--I don't think the page rivals the importance of Drudge or this blog you're reading right now, but I think it's a good idea!
  2. Three words:  Remember the Milk.  Although I myself am probably more biased to chocolate milk, I won't hold it against them.  It's a great site, and if you're like me, you forget just about everything unless you write it down into the form of a list, much like this:

    It's a bit overkill, and it actually gets worse a lot of the time.
  3. Maybe I could just actually remember to regularly message you daily to vote for me!  But alas, even I forget--almost all the time!
  4. Sticky notes are always very cool.  Maybe something above your monitor, or on your bathroom mirror.  Or on your car's rear-view mirror.
  5. Have Google Calendar remind you every morning with a daily e-mail.

Regardless of how you do it--vote often!

P.S.  I realize this post is selfish and self-serving (but then again, what blog post isn't) and I apologize.