Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time Will Tell

This was written a couple years ago:

Time Will Tell

The acronyms are just a bit construed
But form a perfect word, even if misused.
The Sunday paper and coffee stains
Turn pulp and ink and dry liquid circles
Into a parchment piece with every page
Reading events of the world and closer too.

On the lines and inbetween
Sometimes they both mean the same thing
And lack the certain codes and hidden words
That's often said and never heard.

Invite death out but we're afraid to die.
Try to soar but we're afraid to fly.
Want to walk we're afraid to crawl.
Long to climb but we're afraid to fall.
Invite life out but we're afraid to live.
Invite life out but we're afraid to fight.
Long for love but we're afraid of the pain.
But even pacifists still get killed.

Try to aim for heaven
But always expect hell
And where you scoped and set your sights
Won't be far from where you fell.
Truth takes time
And time will tell.