Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Craziness

Well, this week, although beginning relatively like any other week, has taken a rather strange turn.

I must say from the offset, I am just reporting this as a secondhand witness--I was there for none of it.

As I have mentioned in the past, Beth's work has been barraged by criminal activities, from stolen cars and vans, to stolen laptops, to people being held up at gunpoint. The last reference in particular was just a couple blogs ago, where one person (one of the thieves) was killed by the self-defense of a worker. In this particular robbery, one of the burglars got away.

As it turns out, this burglar that wasn't caught was one of the most wanted people in Clarkston and Dekalb County. He had already killed a woman in a bank robbery, killed another woman in a parking lot, beat up three men mowing and landscaping a lawn, and etc. Well, this past tuesday night he decided to steal an AK-47.

On Wednesday morning, this man set out to get his revenge on the non-profit organization (my wife and all employees included). He scouted out the area, and tried to get other people to help him out (offering them $100, by the way). Luckily, a witness to this was able to run over to where Beth's work and let them know. The powers called the police, and a group of police officers, FBI, and SWAT teams assembled. After tense hours, the SWAT team stormed the building he had hid in, and arrested him without a single shot being fired (either way).

Because of all the mayhem, the organization was closed on Thursday and Friday.

Please pray for everyone. People are shaken a little, but they're back at work this week. Right now people think everything has quieted and should remain that way.