Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Russian through the canopy"

This is an incredible song.  Sadly the rest of their album never lives up (although it's quite good) to this first track:

Cymbals Eat Guitars - "...And The Hazy Sea"

You can download the song HERE.

Here are the lyrics.  Good luck with that.

o you know how many cities had been built on the mainland and the trains there how they'd glide over the marshes and the hazy sea carrying business men in starched collar shirts who peered out windows that would fog faster than you could wipe them man why are there mountains when the last fire dies we rebuild with foundations set just slightly higher on compacted ash and bone spiraling skyward at the GWB will you take the wheel for a while I'm suddenly real tired we two running our course your summer version was so fresh and fertile emerald green the wind in your hair like wind Russian through the canopy and I was green too with robust f---ed envy and the way suspension bridges shake when you're stopped behind trucks sailing into 1999