Thursday, September 25, 2008

Music Builds Tour - 09/20/08

Jars of Clay opened, and sounded awesome.
As usual, Switchfoot mopped up.

Because they wouldn't allow us pictures with the band afterwards, I got a picture with the next best thing -- someone Stephen and I referred to as "Fake Jon Foreman."  This guy had us fooled once.

Third Day was there.

They told us to pull out our cameras and wave them-- I took a picture of it and liked it.

Then, everyone came back out.  Pretty awesome.

Stephen and Alison, great friends, and it was all because of Stephen that I was able to go.  THANKS MAN!!

I dont' have many pictures of them (or any at all, none of them turned out really well), but check out Robert Randalph and the Family Band.  They were PHENOMENAL.