Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here are some pictures posted on the Mornings blog that I thought I'd share.

* I look ridiculous, as always

On Friday, July 18th, we said goodbye to one of our favorite Mornings crew members, Andy Sixsmith.

So in honor of his departure, and in celebration of our newest member Tom we threw a little party. Doughnuts and coffee!

And of course our celebration would not be complete without a few pictures of the stunning Mornings crew.

( Above: Lorri, Larry, and Andy)

We were able to get a few pictures of the whole Mornings crew together one last time before Andy left!

(From L-R: Tim, Josue, David, Lorri, Andy,

Chris, Larry, Patricia)

We were also able to take a few pictures of the Mornings crew behind the scenes. We thought we would introduce some of the people you don't see in from of camera often. So here is a look at the people who make up the Mornings family! Enjoy!

Now Introducing..... the Mornings Crew, behind the scenes!

Producer extraordinaire Chris Larson, He was having a rough day....

Graphics Genius David Hamilton

Josue Rodriguez also known as J-Rod

Tim Rhodes, also known as Dusty Rhodes

Graphics Mastermind, Patricia Gaddy

And last but certainly not least, the newest addition to the Mornings Family, the incredible Tom Williams!