Monday, May 26, 2008

Doctoral Degree Thesis Topics

Beth's brother Brandon graduated from Georgia Tech a few weeks ago. While waiting for his name to be called among the 2,000+ graduating, Beth and I had some fun reading the doctoral degree thesis papers. Here are some of my favorites:

-- "Supression of Osteoblast Activity by Disuse is Prevented by Low-Magnitude Mechanical Loading through a Bone Morphogenic Protein-dependent Mechanism"

-- "Sevine Palmitoyltransferase and Ceramide Kinase in Embryo Development of Loblolly Pine"

-- "Dynamic Mechanical Behavior and High-pressure Phase Stability of a Zirconium-based Bulk Metallic Glass and Its Composite with Tungsten"

-- "In-situ Monitoring of the Mechanical Properties during the Photopolymerization of Acrykates Resins Using Particle Tracking Microrheology"

-- "Transient Simulation of Power-supply Noise in Irregular On-chip Power Distribution Networks Using Latency Insertion Method and Causal Transient Simulation of Interconnects Characterized by Band-limited Data"

-- "Investigating Learning with Web Lectures"

But my favorite:

"The role of Heterogenic Spinal Reflexes in Coordinating and Stabilizing a Model Feline Hindlimb."