Sunday, February 24, 2008

Band Geek Withdrawal

I can't believe I found this poem.

This is Mr. Wilcher.

He was one of my favorite teachers in High School. My band director.

I found this old poem I wrote, lamenting the fact that I had just graduated from high school and was now going to old high school football games as a mere spectator. It was a very difficult time in my life.

Band Geek Withdrawal

Hi, my name is Timmy.
I’m a band geek—well I was.
But now I’m here and all alone,
A rebel without a cause.

That’s why I come here,
Every Friday night.
To give me peace about my life,
Cause something’s just not right.

I’ll sit just close enough
To see and greet the band
But far enough to always know,
I’ll only be a fan.

I’ll hear Wilcher call a song,
Where’s my horn at now?
Oh wait, I’m not in band,
I’m merely among the crowd.

I wipe the tears all from my eyes,
I’ve got to be a man.
But it’s so hard to live my life,
Without Wilcher, without band.

Yes, I am a loser.