Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Nature and the Wreck

Yesterday, while driving on 985, about 50 yards in front of me, a car pulled out in front of another that was driving about 65 mph. In a split second, an explosion of dust and glass erupted in front of me, and two cars wheeled around in the middle of the road.

The wreck was horrible, which surprised me to find out that most everyone in the cars were relatively okay--most were in shock, while one girl was freaking out and claiming that she couldn't breathe; it seemed she was just shocked. I pulled over beside the wreck and got out to see if everyone was okay. I helped open doors, etc. After about a minute, a dozen or so people had congregated around the area, helping out, calling authorities, etc.

It amazed me how many people flocked to the wreck to help. At first it gave me hope for mankind. But then I realized something else: it's sexy to look like a hero. It's another story for people to tell to others, showing their selflessness and generosity.

Maybe that's why I left. Maybe that's why I'm telling you this story now. I did want to help!--I wanted to make sure everyone was okay. But just think how cool it is to tell Beth about how heroic I was at the scene of the accident. If I wasn't abstinence man, she probably would want to have sex with me! She'd be calling me "my hero."

But a real hero would have prevented the wreck from ever happening I guess.