Sunday, November 19, 2006

Of Bad News......

When are we going to come to grips with all the "bad news" reported in newspapers and on news television? People are lamenting with all of the horrible stuff on the news and wonder why there's no good news.

Here's why:

-- Good things are expected to happen. We don't report on safe flights, cured people, and etc., because that's what's supposed to happen.

--There's just too much good news out there.

And as bad as this may sound, I do want to know about some of the bad news out there. September 11 was an atrocity, but I most certainly want to know what's going on.

Granted, I'm kind of on a high right now for some odd reason, but I think it's just more of an annoyance of people whining about the news.

Another thing, it bothers me when people equate all the bad news with the world. The world is going to hell because of all this bad going on. Things haven't changed or gotten worse. I'm going to offer that life is actually better than it ever has been.