Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why I Need This

Yesterday Reluctant Runners went live (created by the great Tripp and Tyler, of, and I can't tell you enough how much I need this site. But here are a few.

// Why I needed to start running anyways: When Beth and I returned to the states, we frequented Chic-Fil-A probably every day. Multiple times. Not only that, but because the spicy biscuits and sandwiches were introduced while we were in Moscow, I was enticed but couldn't choose between it or the original. So I bought both. For nearly two weeks, every morning I devoured an original and spicy chicken biscuit. And an orange juice, to be more healthy.

But I knew I couldn't continue this. I knew that if I wanted to eat every delicious meal at many incredible restaurants that I had missed over the two years, I was going to have to exercise without completely exploding.

// Every single day I think of dozens of reasons not to run. Literally every time I'm supposed to run. For instance, this morning. Here were some of the many thoughts that rushed through my head to prevent me from running:

"My phone's dead-- I should wait until it's charged. I'd probably better not run today"

"It's later than I wanted to wake up, by the time I'm finished half of my morning will be gone."

"It's looking cloudy today-- it might rain. Better not run."

"I'm out of chocolate milk, I won't have anything to drink after my run."

Needless to say these are as mindless as they sound. It's that period when I'm barely awake, so anything I say sounds like lunacy-- but makes a great deal of sense to me at the time.

// Speaking of chocolate milk. One inspiration to actually commit to jogging was this article. This gives me a great excuse to be fully stocked of one of the most amazing beverages in existence. And it gives me great relief while running to know that at the end of the torture there's chocolate milk waiting for me at home.

// No music = no run. This is an absolute. If something's wrong with my iPod or it's not charged, I just don't run. Period. The music is what keeps me going.

If you're a runner who's not the runner type, please do yourself a favor and check out