Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crowder and Dylan: Performance and Worship

In a pairing that many say was destiny waiting to happen, Bob Dylan and David Crowder join forces at the Jaded Conference to present a provocative session on the "Death of Performance Worship."

It is rumored that Bob Dylan will provide a stirring indictment of worship music, and how it is becoming less and less about the performer and performance.  Instead of drawing people to the musician's myspace page, performances have steadily been drawing the audience to worshipping Christ.

While Dylan will speak more of the performer, Crowder plans to emphasize the audience, and how to focus them on the performer.  Providing layouts and schematics not only demonstrating the setting of a church performance (mirroring that of a theater or stadium), Crowder also provides blueprints to for lighting and stage setup.  He even plans to give meticulous detail of how to utilize facial hair to bring the audience to awestruck attention.

"Since childhood, I have been inspired by Bob Dylan's hair," Crowder recalls.

Though no one is certain of Dylan's religious affiliation (though most believe it's Judaism), the Jaded Conference allowed him in on the technicality that he did just release a Christmas album.