Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Events of Yesterday

As you all know, two bombings occurred today in the Moscow metro -- one at "Лубянка" (Lubyanka) station and one at "Парк Культури" (Park Culturi).  Both happened within 30 minutes of each other--one around 8:00 a.m. and one around 8:30-8:45 a.m.  38 are dead, around 65 are injured

While trying not to co-op on other people's pain, Beth and I have never been closer to an attack like this than today.  We have come to regard this city as our home, and we share the pain of the citizens of Moscow.  We grieve with our friends here.  We fear with them.  These are just random places, these are places that we know and travel to often.

Our new language teacher, Irina, who has tutored for our company for years, her husband was injured in an explosion.  He is out of surgery and still has not regained consciousness as far as we know.  Please keep their family in your prayers.

As you probably noticed in an earlier post, Beth and I love the metro.  We don't give taking it a second thought.  It's just something that we do to get around Moscow.  But now there is this intense fear and apprehension with going near a station.  In reality, we are probably just as safe as we were the day before the attacks, but our emotions tell us otherwise.  Although we have to just live life normally, internally we feel at a stand still.

Please keep the families of the victims and injured in your prayers.  People are shaken all over Moscow-- a cashier I spoke through at the grocery store said it was "как кошмар" -- "like a nightmare."  If nothing else, we hope this time will be a reflection in all of our lives about what really matters-- and a reminder of how fleeting life is.  May we make every breath count.