Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Trip to Germany

It is very hard to put into our last two weeks into words.  I feel like anything I write or say about what we've experienced cannot even scratch the surface of actually telling you about it.

Fortunately Beth brought along her trusty camera, which will definitely come closer than anything I could formulate.

For the first week Beth and I attended a conference in Rehe, Germany.  We were able to reunite with many friends we had met almost a year ago exactly.  We were also able to dialogue with others who are serving overseas, as well as listen to those who have been in Europe for many years.

After the conference, Beth and I, along with three other couples, drove 3 hours south of Frankfurt to the Black Forest, where we had rented a cabin for the week.

We were close enough to both France and Switzerland to be able to make a day trip into a city in each country.  On Monday we drove to Strasbourg, France-- one of my new favorite cities!  We stopped at every bakery we saw, and ate pretty much everything in sight.

On Wednesday we were able to spend part of the day in Freiburg, Germany and Basel Switzerland:

For more pictures, check out the Picasa web album HERE.  It's kind of disorganized right now (and by kind of I mean extremely), but I'll try to have it cleaned up soon.