Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moderated Comments

I really don't know where to start.  But I agree with most commenters--if this is your attitude towards children, it's probably best not to have them.

I definitely understand what you mean by your first point, but frankly the child comes first.  Period.  I've seen too many families where the opposite has happened (mine to name one, so this may be purely anecdotal), and the results aren't pretty.  That being said I think there should be a balance between the two (and in most good marriages there is), but ultimately, the children should absolutely come first.

I think you do have a false dichotomy set up.  I celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, and there were three children with us under 10, and things were incredible.  We talked about anything and everything around them--health care, politics, bands that should play at the superbowl, the KGB, Russia/Estonia relations, etc.  Just because you had a particular experience doesn't necessarily mean that goes across the board (I'm saying that to myself as well).  But I really disagree that people have 10 or more years of mindless activity.  While raising children I still plan to pursue my own interests (from the arts to philosophy), but at the same time using those things to enrich my children.  Kids are a lot smarter than you give them credit.

Finally, I think the biggest reason you've set up a false dichotomy is just because you haven't looked at many of the examples that we see in professors and academics that we know of.  I have many friends I grew up with in middle and high school here in Stephens County who were children of professors at TFC, and not only were they incredibly intelligent and necessary to my theological upbringing, but had great parents too.  It can be done.

My wife and I just found out almost two months ago we were having a kid.  it's been the scariest thing in the world.  The most exciting too.  And I have to say some of the most exciting aspects is simply the idea of raising a kid--getting to teach him things, give him great books, introduce him to music, take him to science museums, and etc.  As terrified as I am, I also couldn't be more pumped.