Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun with Truth Talk Live

There's this radio show that airs on FamilyNet (the satellite radio channel), that 95% of the time I absolutely cannot stand: TRUTH TALK LIVE.

There are many reasons why I do not like this show.  You'll get an idea of how bad it is just by some of the topics they have on the show:

  • Should Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter get married?
  • What in the World is going on?
  • What's the BIG deal about evolution in public schools?
  • Can Prayer END Abortion?
  • Which Presidential Candidate makes you feel safe?
  • Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
  • Should a Christian ever sell a billboard ad to an Adult establishment
  • Why Black Americans should have doubts
  • Should societies protect Animals over Babies?
I could go on.  But I'll spare you.

Then one day, this topic came up:

Yes, that was the topic.

So, to be as sarcastic as possible, I posted this (you may have to click on it to see it):

I of course got some feedback

And posted back.

Fun fun for everyone.  But whether you like Palin or not, isn't this question pretty ridiculous?  Especially in our current times, especially for a one hour radio show?