Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Past Survey

Here's a survey I did almost two years ago--but I think it's one of those that should be brought back. I may have edited a couple, but oh well.

don't know what is getting more ridiculous ~ these surveys or the fact that I keep filling them out!

Do it, it's a girls survey.


02. Disney films or gore films? Oh Disney of course, I love seeing true love blossom, whether it be lions, princes, fish, toys, cars, or bugs!

03. Skirts or jeans? skirts are much more.....liberating

04. Socks or leggings? depends on whether I want to look dead sexy or not.

05. Hoodies or jackets? Hoodies when I'm in the hood.... jackets when I'm in the.... Jack???

06. Heels or sneakers? heels, most definitely. I love being completely uncomfortable all day long! Ironically, in the medical field, "heel" is a good thing. Who would have thought.

07. Straight or curly hair? however it ends up when I get out of bed.

08. Hoop or dangling earrings? both--at the same time!

09. Side bangs or one length? I don't even know how to answer this one

10. Your favorite color? hot hot pink!

11. Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body? Victoria is secret safe with me!

12. Smoothies or lattes? Smoothie when I want to be healthy, lattes when I'm all depressed because guys aren't noticing me.

13. Diet or regular sodas? diet, I hate good tasting sodas. It starts with "DIE" for a reason.

14. Water or daquiris? That's quite a stretch....

15. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds-- she'll pretty much have to.

16. Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen? you mean they're not dead yet?

17. This or That? what kind of question is this? --or that?

18. iPod or cell phone? Even better--the Iphone! Both, so I can store my multi thousand songs of Ricky Martin and Kenny Rogers, and cell phone so i can talk all the time.

19. Friends or family? both, but you can't make out with family. Had to learn that one the hard way.

20. Manicure or pedicure? MANicure

22. Love or peace? or else

23. Sunglasses or purses? Purses to put the sunglasses in!

What you have:
[X] an MP3 player/ipod/anything like that
[x] tiffany's jewelry (but don't tell her, she doesn't know I've stolen it)
[x] computer
[x] a cd player
[x] a stereo.
[x] a spice girl cd - not just one--all however many of them!! I'LL tell you what I want!
[x] a cosmo magazine -- Cosmo Kramer??
[x] a teddy bear.
[x] a build a bear ----- :]
[x an Aeropostale purse.
[x] a hot topic shirt.
[x] an aeropostale shirt/sweater..
[x] the mean girls dvd.
[] a TV in my room.
[ ] diamond earrings
[ ]a pearl necklace.
[x] a homecoming/prom dress
[x] a book.
[x] myspace.
[x] perfume.
[ ] g-unit sneakers.
[x]a black shirt.
[ ] abercrombie shirt
[x] pink nail polish

Girl Knowledge:

Do you know exactly where the blush goes?
on my cheeks, cause that's where I blush

Would you say you know how to put on make up?
who needs make up when you have real life?

Do you know how to french braid?
that's FREEDOM braid to you buster

Do you wash your face at least once a day?
Come on, I'm not THAT vain!

Do you know what kind of lip gloss can make your teeth look whiter?
??? who uses lip gloss on their TEETH???? GIRLS ARE WEIRD

Do you use an eyelash curler?
WHAT THE......those must be TINY

Do you use waterproof mascara?
Of course, you never know when those icecapz are gonna melt and we'll all be underwaters!